Sixfold Rosy Lotus Gift Box (Red Flower Version)

920.000 đ
Product code: 60000717
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  • Packaging: 6 Mooncake 150g & 1 box of Premium Olong Tea
  • According to Eastern culture, number 6 (Lục) is pronounced similar to "Lộc", which means luck. This is also the number symbolizing the strong, showing the advantages and talents in life.
  • Sixfold Rosy Lotus Gift Box includes 6 delicious and special cake flavors and Premium Olong Tea box is also what Phuc Long wants to convey, believing that the gift given away is also good luck and peace. with those who love this Mid-Autumn Festival.


  • Storage: Keep in dry and cool place
  • EXP: See the packaging
  • Cake box includes:
    - Chicken Mixed Nuts Mooncake 150g
    - Tiramisu Mooncake 150gr
    - Green Tea & Lotus Seed Mooncake 150g
    - Mung Bean Mooncake 150gr
    - Taro Mooncake 150gr
    - Black Sesame Mooncake 150g
    - 1 Box of Premium Olong Tea (12g * 6 bags)

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