Fourfold Precious Wealthy Gift Box

620.000 đ
Product code: 60000714
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  • Packaging: 4 Mooncake 50g & 1 box of Jasmine Tea Bag
  • According to Eastern culture, number 4 (TỨ) represents the stability, the strong and the stable, like the four seasons in heaven and earth, the four directions of nature.
  • Fourfold Precious Wealthy Gift Box includes 4 delicious and special cake flavors and 1 box of Jasmine Tea Bag is a meaningful gift, worth choosing for the Mid-Autumn Festival.


  • Storage: Keep in dry and cool place
  • EXP: See the packaging
  • Cake box includes:
    - Chicken Mixed Nuts Mooncake 150g
    - Coffee Mooncake 150g
    - Mung Bean Mooncake 150g
    - Green Tea & Lotus Seed Mooncake 150g
    - 01 Box of Jasmine Tea Bag (2g * 25 bags)

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