Jasmine Ten-Thousand-Mile Fragrance Tea (can)

39.000 đ
Product code: TPLAI029
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  • Packaging: 100 g
  • Description: Extracted from green tea buds, harvested and processed during the day, creating a cool, fresh taste in each sip of tea when enjoying. Tea when mixed with bright yellow color, light bitter taste, characteristic aroma of jasmine, sweet after-mouth is just right. Drinking tea helps to keep the mind alert and provides many other health benefits.


  • Storage: Keep in dry and cool place
  • EXP: See the packaging
  • Tea Brewing Instructions:
    - Rinse the cup and teapot with boiling water.
    - Put 5g of tea into the teapot and pour 100ml of boiling water.
    - It takes about 2-3 minutes to have a cup of natural taste of Phuc Long tea.

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