Cà phê Moka Blend + fin nhôm

85.000 đ
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  • 200 g
  • Moka Blend is a combination of Robusta, Moka, Culi and Cherry to create a unique flavor that shows the impression from the sensual scent to a pleasant bitter taste and exquisite aftertaste.


  • Keep in dry and cool place
  • See the packaging

  • - Pre-heat the cup and coffee filter with hot water.
    - Put 3 - 4 tablespoons of coffee (about 15 - 20g) into Phin filter. Gently shake the Phin filter to help the coffee surface even. Put the damper on top of coffee and press it slightly.
    - Pour 25ml of boiling water in the filter to make coffee.
    - Fill the filter with 45ml of boiling water. Place the lid on top. It takes about 5 minutes to have a cup of coffee.
    - Add milk or sugar if desired. Enjoy!
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