Top Bud Green Tea Pyramid Bag

126.655 đ
Product code: 135000
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  • Packaging: 2g x 12 bags
  • Description: Top Bud Green Tea is a premium tea cultivated in the land of Tan Cuong - Thai Nguyen. Throughout the meticulously and precisely production process, from hand-picked harvesting to manually rolling tea, to preserve the superior characteristics of tea buds. When brewing, Top Bud Green Tea creates a deep golden-greenish color mixed with a mild bitter-rich taste, blended with the pure scent of young rice.


  • Storage: Keep in dry and cool place
  • EXP: See the packaging
  • Tea Brewing Instructions: Combine tea bag with 350ml purified water in the bottle, then steep for 10-12 hours in the fridge, enjoy.

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